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Providing experienced care in Physical Therapy Treatment and Rehabilitation in Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam, British Columbia since 1994.

Our Physiotherapists specialize in a wide range of injuries, orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems including:

Sports and Other Injuries

We offer a wide variety of treatment and rehabilitation for sprains, fractures, joint replacement surgeries and other soft tissue injuries such as bursitis and tendonitis caused from sports or repetitive activities.

Pain Originating from the Spine

We offer a variety of treatments including pain management, core strengthening, mobility exercises and spinal decompression techniques such as traction for pain arising from disc protrusions, nerve compression, and degenerative spine diseases such as arthritis.


We provide exercise therapy and electrotherapy including laser treatment for management of osteoporosis.

Women's Health

We are trained and experienced in management of pre-natal musculo-skeletal problems and treatment of post-natal problems such as lower back pain and urinary incontinence.

Parkinson Wellness Recovery

We have a certified PWR! Clinician™ trained for Exercise4BrainChange™, the latest approach in brain therapy and management to target early onset symptoms, in order to delay the progression of PD. Learn more at www.pwr4life.org.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists are trained and experienced in rehabilitation and management exercises for neurological conditions such as stroke and multiple sclerosis.

Motor Vehicular Injuries

We treat injuries from motor vehicular accidents. To receive ICBC approved coverage for your treatment, a doctor's referral for treatment will be required.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Depending on your injury or condition, our treatment plans may include:

  • Spinal or Peripheral Manual Therapy Techniques
  • Laser Therapy
  • Electrical Modalities - Interferential Current; T.E.N.S.
  • Traction for spinal decompression therapy of the neck and lower back
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Soft Tissue Oscillation Therapy for pain control and improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Individual Exercise Programs
  • Muscle Re-Education
  • Sport Rehabilitation

What to Expect For Your First Appointment

Your first physiotherapy session will last 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. Our physiotherapist will:

  • Perform a detailed physical assessment and examination of your ailment.
  • Provide treatment for immediate pain control, anti-inflammatory effects, and restoration of movement and function.
  • Prescribe and demonstrate specific therapeutic exercises.

Subsequent sessions will be tailored to the progress of the condition (will last 45 mins to 1 hour). We provide separate individual rooms for privacy during treatment.

Our Physiotherapists

Arthur Poh, M.C.P.A

Registered Physiotherapist


Arthur graduated in 1980 from the Hong Kong Government School of Physiotherapy. He has completed post-graduate courses in:

  • Diploma in Spinal Manual Therapy.
  • Course in McKenzie Treatment of Lumbar Spine.
  • Course in Sports Physiotherapy.
  • ICU (Intensive Care Unit) update Seminar.


Arthur has 10 years experience working closely with Orthopaedic Surgeons as a Spinal Manual Therapist in Government Hospitals in Hong Kong. Since moving to Canada in 1990, he has over 20 years experience in Private Practice as a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy association.


  • Rehabilitation of Soft Tissues Injuries, Sports Injuries, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis/Golfer Elbow.
  • Specialised in treatment of the Spine, employing Hands-On Manual Therapy on Spinal Problems including: Arthritis, Whiplash Neck Injuries, Low Back Pain, Thoracic and Degenerative Spinal Problems.
  • Hands-On Manual Therapy Techniques and Exercise in treatment.

Monica Chiu, M.C.P.A

Registered Physiotherapist


Monica graduated in 1980 from the Hong Kong Government School of Physiotherapy. She has completed post-graduate courses in the following:

  • Course in McKenzie Treatment of Lumbar Spine.
  • Course in Peripheral Joint Mobilisation of the Lower Limbs.
  • Course in Sports Physiotherapy.
  • Obstetrics Care and Neonates Intensive Care(ICU) in Melborne, Australia.


Monica has 10 years experience working in various Acute, Rehabilitation Hospitals and Out-Patient Clinics in Hong Kong. Since moving to Vancouver, she has been a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for over 20 years, working at Vancouver General Hospital, Women's Hospital and private clinics. Monica currently works part-time as a Community PT for Fraser Health in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows.


  • Extensive Experience in Rehabilitation of Musculo-Skeletal Problems.
  • Geriatrics - Rehabilitation for Hemiplegia, Parkinson's Disease.
  • Women's Health - Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Physiotherapy, Osteoporosis, Incontinence.

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Walk-in appointments are welcome. No referrals are necessary to book an appointment.

For appointments and general inquiries,
call us at:

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